Mike Bohrnsen DC, DACBSP
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Why Xcelerate

At Xcelerate Sports Therapy and Chiropractic, we are passionate about and enjoy our work. As a Sports Chiropractor, our specialty is sports medicine and rehabilitation. We are athletes, and our active lifestyles are reflected in our work place. The education of our team and the focus of our practice centers on the treatment of athletes at all levels and sports. Through our diverse range of services, the unique needs of each patient are met with treatment of their condition, instructions in self-care, and ultimately prevention.

At our facility we use chiropractic adjustments combined with specific soft-tissue techniques such as Active Release Therapy, Graston Instrument soft-tissue assisted mobilization, and Kinesiology Taping to help with the acute and chronic conditions. Once pain relief has been achieved then we are able to focus more on your strengthening and stabilization exercises that can be utilized at home as a method of prevention and overall health.